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Architecture project 1.3 : The Past
Architecture project 1.3 : The Past

The modern era’s consummation of “Dryness” has contributed
to the rise of inequality throughout architecture and society. “Dryness”
is what defines the current trend where it simply criticizes the in-create
disconnection between existing and new builds. Nowadays This paper
analyzes and compares the theory of “wet” and “dry” design. The paper
expounds the relation between architectural theories and modern nedd,
and how theory influences design in the modern era. The paper is analysing
the relation between them, discussing the popular usage architectural theories in modern design. Through the observation from indeginous living that
existed in the bangkachao bangkok. The layer of nature is clearly separated
from the concrete layer. The study will conclude with the “utopian planning
proposal” which touches all the subjects that made the city more “wet”. The
plan was called “ fluid design” which included the allocation of the site,
the architecture, and the community as a whole.Which mostly benefits the local
people where the purpose is that they can live without modernism but think of
it as an existing nature.

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